Our platform is an innovative access control and interactive marketing tool for events and festivals using innovative technologies. Our clients range from small corporate events to large scale concerts and festivals.

Online Registration

Through our web platform participants get registered and confirm their attendance with the use of a user friendly website.


  • Development and design of the event registration website.
  • Ready for mobile website adaptation.
  • Social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram) .
  • Customization of the data obtained on each registration form.
  • Validation of discount codes, birth dates, id, etc.
  • Custom domains for each web registration website (
  • Automated emails depending on the event stage (registration, RSVP, confirmation, updates, etc).
  • Automated Mailing campaigns to guest lists
  • Database Generation
  • Real time registration status for each guest

Ticket and Badge formats

NFC and RFID Chip

NFC and RFID are proximity communication protocols for transferring data between a mobile device and a tag ( nfc chip ) . These tags are virtually impossible to clone, fake or alter.

Advantages of using NFC / RFID:
  • Security: Each tag (chip) is unique and can not be copied.
  • Speed: Scanning an NFC or RFID invitation is extremely fast, simply by approaching the ticket to the scanning device the tickets gets validated instantly. Unlike other technologies such as barcode or QR codes , reading speed is not affected by the amount of ambient light or camera focus device.
  • Installation: To implement the platform just enough to bring the terminal point of the event, requires no install a central server or carrying heavy equipment.
  • Scalability: if you need new reading devices just simply add them on the spot without the need for complicated installations..
Recommended for:
  • Signature Events
  • Large-scale concerts
  • VIP industries
  • Concurrent inputs (Passing weekly, annual, etc.)
Types of Credentials:
  • Plastic Cards with Chip Desktop
  • PVC Wristbands with Chip Desktop
  • Paper Tickets with Chip
  • Desktop


Qr codes allow to store credential and tickets information quickly and easy without the need for physical credentials or tickets for reading and validation.

Advantages of using Qr Codes for credentials:
  • They can be 100% digital.
  • Invitations can be printed so theres no need to send the physical version.
  • They can be stored on smartphones.
  • They are a low cost and easy to implement solution.
Qr codes are recommended for:
  • Corporate events
  • Wedding parties
  • Birthdays
  • Small concerts
  • Small events
Types of credentials:
  • Email
  • Plastic Cards
  • Wristbands
  • Paper Tickets Desktop
  • On invitation printing
  • Electronic Ticket Desktop
  • iOS Passbook Desktop

Admin and live stats platform:

Each event has an advanced management platform and web statistics that allow the organizer:

  • Generate an electronic database
  • Know its guests information
  • View current status of an invitation (RSVP, registered, entered, left, etc.)
  • Pre and post event statistics and charts: sex %, entrees per hour, age, origin, etc.
  • Generate mailing campaigns to the generated database
  • See the results of the event
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
Not Registred


By using the Inaccess mobile application, the organizer and security staff can view on real-time different event metrics such as:

  • Number of people that entered the event so far
  • Number of o people left to enter
  • The amount of people that has entered by gate or event section
  • Check validity of a certain invitation
  • Check the time when a specific guest has entered to the event


Would you imagine having hundreds of promoters in your events?
Nowadays, social media channels work as an essential marketing tool for event organizers. Through Social Connect you are able to combine both the real world with the virtual in order to make your event viral.

Social Connect Enables to:
  • Post a welcome message in the Facebook profile of the person who’s accessing the event
  • Generate a tweet at the time a guest is entering the event.
  • Post Photos in the Facebook event
  • Post Linkedin messages during your corporate event
  • Print instagram photos related to the event

Welcome Faces:

Welcome faces is a new way to welcome your guests by the generation of a memorable interactive experience. Using the information on the registered users in the database, it is that we are able to create fun digital activities that welcome guests and allows you to know who is present at the event.

Improve your networking experience: Your guests will be able to meet people of their interest, by seeing their photo, name, surname and what company every of the guests work for. This makes enabling contact with guests of your interest a much easier task.

Live Photographer:

With Live Photographer your guests receive professional photos, branded with a corporate or event logo, in real time.

This activation is done using a tablet which is connected wirelessly to any SLR camera. After the picture is taken and approved by the guest, their credentials are scanned by the tablet and it automatically sends the picture via email.

  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Desktop

Interactive Draws:

Surprise your guests with compelling multimedia draws. We offer draws on the spot, in which you can get the result by scanning the guest’s credentials. Another option is using integrated apps with “Welcome Faces” in which the master of ceremony has an application in which faces are mixed and then the face of the winner is highlighted.


At Inzone we are fond of innovation and the generation of creative ideas alongside our clients. That’s why we are able to provide with a multi-disciplinary team, in order to make your ideas come to life using the latest technology available in the market.



Thanks to our experience of handling events with over 10.000 people is that we have achieved an expertise in high performance electronic access control for large scale events.

We provide access control solutions for:
  • Stadiums
  • Venues with various entrances
  • Convention centres

In the case of having scattered entrances, we have the necessary equipment to interconnect these points wirelessly, covering areas up until 1.5 square kilometres.


We offer a customized solution, according the type and size of the event. We provide:

  • Reading mobile devices
  • Pedestals
  • Turnstiles


Brands that trusted us for these projects

  • Miller
  • Directv
    Ultra Music Festival
  • Telefonica
    The Rolling Stones
  • Ray Ban

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